Monday, October 29, 2007

I just love this picture of Ethan.Now that the weather's cooled down he's discovered the backyard.

Eric is already six weeks old. It feels like things are in some small manner getting back to normal in our home.I have to admit juggling things around here has been crazy for the last few weeks.Double bottles, double diapers, carrying double babies up and down the stairs, and everything else inbetween. But last night Eric smiled at me for the first time, and that's all need to remember about yesterday. Today Ethan took his first steps and clapped his hands once he reached me, and that's all I need to remember about today.I am a little overwhelmed with responsibilites every once and again. But I am constantly overwhelmed with the joys of this family I've been blessed with.


A few small steps.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A little more of the pumpkin patch

As well as the other boyz it's Ethan's first halloween this year.

Everyone was tore up by the end of the night. Even Elizabeth was looking for a spot in the stroller.

Eric in his halloween attire courtesy of Laurie and Leanna.His first Halloween!
Elizabeth had a blast in the pumkin patch, while we took a break to feed all the babies. She rolled the pumpkins from one end to the other, making sure the baby pumkins were together with mom and dad (great big) pumpkins.

Julie and Jamison visiting from Utah. It's Jamison's first Halloween as well.
Jamison got out to explore the pumkin patch. Despite what his mommy says, we turned him into a party animal!

Our Crazy family