Thursday, January 20, 2011

I had to snap this picture of Ethan al ready to go . You see this is how he gets ready to go EVERYWHERE lately. As soo as i say we're going anywhere, he takes off to load up his backpack. Waterbottles, notebooks, stuffed animals, anything he might need. And ALWAYS his scarf. If it's warm out, no problem, leave the jacket and wear just the scarf. What a cutie!

Ethan is like his Uncle Jake, he can spend hours examining ever detail of every exhibit.

Building the Boys a Bed

I have been waiting a long time to build this bed for the boys. We have debated over bunkbeds. After debate we dacided we'd save the trips to the emergency room, and go with a trendle bed. I was waiting for the weather to cool off in AZ, then we moved. We haven't even organized the garage correctly, but got to work anyway. All the kids are happy to get involved too.

We have signed Elizabeth up for a fast pitch softball league. She was very scared to play, especially with the older girls who have played before. I was nervous for her too. But I want her to have the opportunity to try and learn different sports. She did great at her first practice. If she can get over her nerves, I know she can chuck that ball! I am so proud of her. She has had to do a lot of brave things with our move. And anybody who knows Elizabeth knows that's not easy for her. But she has faced every challenge so strong, and come out on top every time.It's great to see her growing up.

A day lost in Mimi's closet.

I loaded Auntie Jaeleen up with enough gear to tackle her three nephews at the park for the morning. I thought it was funny to see her all loaded up.

Mom and I were trying to help Mimi get her closets cleaned out a bit. It was quite overwhelming for her. But I was thrilled to find this apron tucked away in her closet. This apron brings back so many memories of Mimi while I was growing up. I'm so glad she still has it.
We took a break and had some lunch. When we got back Mimi laughed histarically saying she had forgotten what a mess we had to deal with. I promis I got her closet put back together, and still have more work to do. It was so fun to spend the day with her.

A few more Christmas pictures.

Ethan took the mattters of opening the toys himself. Nice pencil stabbing technique.

Christmas Morning 2010

This Christmas we had just moved to Claremont. It was a crazy rush to get settled in, but Christmas. was the first thing to go up. Santa was so good to the kids this year, and Andrew hooked me up with a new camera. YEAH!!!!!

A new tradition we started this year. Elizabeth is making our Christmas breakfast. This year she made us Paula Deans french toast bake. So yummy!

I think this is one of Ethan's favorite thigs he got. He never leaves home without it. Who knew how exciting a $1.50 piece of fleece could be.

We were lucky to have Pappa Mike her with us too. His Virtigo was still pretty bad. But we propped him up on the couch, and he enjoyed the morning with us.

Rollerblades with fie on them ,way to go Santa!