Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So we finally did it. Seriously it had been over a year since we had gone out home to LA. I don't know why. I think we had a couple trips planned last year, and each time the kids got sick. So friday I said lets just go, and we did. Elizabeth was so surprised and excited! She misses so much there. We had an awesome time! I have to say I am impressed at how cheap our trip was. I took all our food with us so we didn't have to eat out.I used two frozen roasts to keep the cooler cold, and off we went. It could only had been a better weekend if Julie and her family were there. We got to; see everyone, go to the beach, ride the horses train and carousel at Griffith Park, go out to dinner for Tess' birthday, spend an afternoon in old toown Pasadena, have yummy cupcakes from Violets, visit with Mimi,sneak in a late night hang out at Laurie's, make smores around a fire with Mom and Dad there (ABSOLUTE MIRACLE), ride the Trolley and see the water show at the new Americana in Glendale, see Brandon get his butt kicked at rummikube, play cards with the Johnson's, and my favorite part.. watch my kids laugh andplay with all their Grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousin.
I am happy to be home. Some didn't think I'd return. I truly am finding it hard to understand how I can be happy and feel like I have roots in two different places. This year we hope to go home more often. On our way home elizabeth asked me why we can't just live in California now since everyone else is ther. I explained that it's so much fun when we go because we have no responsibility there, so she gets the best of both worlds with this deal. So I should take a listen myself.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Christmas eve was relaxing. The kids and I went out on a long walk together in the afternoon. Then when daddy got home, we decorated cookies for Santa. With those all ready, we got ready to go out to dinner. We started this new tradition last year. I don't cook on Christmas Eve since it's only us. I do our nice dinner on Christmas day. We went to Outback since we had some gift cards to use. We has actually gone there the previous year as well. I thougt it was so funny that they sat us in the same booth! We truly juggled the boys inbetween bite, it was crazy.
When we got home we opened gifts that had been left from our 12 days of Christmas Elves. And then we always open one from under the tree. Elizabeth and I went online to track Santa. At that point he was finishing up in South America, and heading toward Florida. She became very anxious, and serious about us all getting to bed.
So we sprinkled our reindeer dust in the front and back yards, and put cookies and milk out for Santa.Ethan and Eric then snuck back downstairs to sample the cookies and they were off to bed. We had an awesome relaxing Christmas day. The kids loved all thier gifts. And thanks to Cassady showing me the ropes, we had quick easy yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We hope everyone had as wondeful a Holiday as we did. And here we go off to a New Year!

I can't catch up

There was just way too much that happened in December that I can't catch up on my posts. So let me do a recap at my best.
Christmas Activities:
1.Twelve days of Christmas surprises left before Christmas.We all enjoyed it so much! Who was it!!!!It's driving me crazy.
2.Went to illuminaries on the lake at the riparian preserve. It was so pretty, and fun to be out at. Definately going again next year! Even though we were freezing.
3.Gingerbread house party at the park. Impromptu get together and lunch at the park one Sunday afternoon. I may be mocked by my friends for my love of childish activites, but their kids will remember me! So Hah.
4.Singing Christmas songs with the kids every night before bed. Ethan's new favorite Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and jingle bells.
5.Many nights cruising the christmas lights.
6. Our favorite this year, "Peppermiz" Our new family Elf from Auntie Jenna. He was
so much fun. The kids can't wait for him to return next year. Check it out at
7.Hunting down everyones new ornament of the year.
8.Watching Christmas movies with the kids.

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