Friday, June 18, 2010

The caterpillar

The caterpillars have been active in gobbling up our garden this year. I can never seem to find them. Ethan and Eric were pulling the eaten leaves off the basil plant, when Ethan found one. He was so proud of the little wiggly guy on the leaf. Andrew got a jar and poked holes in the lid for him.And then Elizabeth (having studied caterpillars in school recently) got to work on a proper habitat. Poor thing didn't last 24 hours, with all the jar shaking, poking, and carrying around it had to deal with. haha served him right, don't mess with my basil.

Father's Day Gifts

I have set a goal for our family this year. I am trying to have all gifts we give handmade. I think it makes everything more special. And give the kids a chance to put more thought into it. Plus let's face it it's usually a lot cheaper. So for Father's Day I have spent the majority of my 105 degree day, cleaning out the garage. Did quite a bit of organizing.Elizabeth organized tools, and shop vacced the whole thing. Then on to our project. We are making saw horses for Andrew. I have an old door to put across them, and he will have a work bench for his RC cars he's always working on. So I got all the wood cut at Lowes, and our neighbor lent us his miter saw. I think I'm in love, not with the neighbor, but the miter saw! I forgot wood screws, so we will have to assemble it in the morning. But Ethan and Elizabeth got all the pieces sanded tonight. So excited!

More wise words from Ethan

"Mom I want to sell this brother and buy a nicer brother. This one just hits me and hurts me too much!"


We were at the splashpad Thursday when Ethan fell off his scooter and skid his knees. Here's how the conversation went.
"It's ok Ethan, it's just a little scrape. Look at mommy's scar on her knee. When I was a kid I scraped my knoee all the way down to the bone."
"NO! You can't turn into a kid!"
"No Ethan, I already was a kid a long time ago. But now I'm all grown up and I'm a mommmy."
"NO, you weren't"
"Yes I was, ask pappa or Grandma Betty if you don't believe me. I was a kid just like you."
So we get packed up, in the car and are pulling out of the parking lot. Then out o nowhere.
"Hey mom, when you were a kid, did you have penis too?"
I stopped the car and had laughed so hard. I gues I should have specified when I was a little girl, not when I was "like you."

The Camera is gone again

Yes I lose everything. The camera has been gone for over a month.But I need to journal so that will be the point from here on for a while.