Wednesday, September 30, 2009

80's Day

This time it's 80's day. Her outfit was WWAAAYYYY better with the torn blue shirt hanging off the shoulder with it. But Elizabeth said she couldn't wear it unless Kali or Lexi told her it looked ok. Surely they know more about the 80's than her mom. She did tell me that the 80's were the ugliest time ever. I have to agree!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

So I know this hair is a stretch for crazy. But anyone who knows Elizabeth, knows she's not one to do things out of their ordinary. She's never done crazy hair day at school before, but this year whe wanted to give it a shot. Nothing too crazy though. So misc. knotted ribbons on "high" pigtails is living on the edge for her today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Decor

We had a fun Saturday afternoon. It was time to bust out the Halloween Decor. So I realize how minimal my supply is every year. But the point is the kids have fun. Ethan told sissy they could put their costumes on and go to the houses and get CANDY!!! But I told him he has to wait, and he's pretty disappointed. Here's what we threw up outside.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Even thought we celebrated it last week, Eric turns two sometime tomorrow night. I honestly can't remember exactly what time. I honestly haven't even written down his birth story. Every time I try, I get too emotional and stop. I was induced the day he was born. They said I was dangerously low on amniotic fluid and sent me directly to the hospital. Justin and Marie kept 10 month old Ethan. And the Gilchrists kept Elizabeth. I was so glad that Jake, Meghan , and Dad arrived the next day.

I am so grateful for these pictures Tami Webb took of him. He was less than a week old. I admit I very sadly have forgotten so much of his first year. I was a bit busy, and now that I look back, wish I could have enoyed more of the days.I love this pic of him grabbing my face, because he did that so often when I held him. He was just the tiniest little thing. Dad and Jake went out and bought him some preemie clothes. And even those drowned him.

Maybe it was knowing he would be my last baby that made me so emotional over him, who knows.

My little tiny baby quickly grew into quite the little boy. He is the rougher tougher of the two for sure. He's attached to his binky more than either of the other two ever cares. He's daring, strong, persistant, and hilarious. At two he's talkeing, jumping off anything, riding bikes, playing ball ever since he could hold one, EATING, EATING, and MORE EATING, hitting (we're working on that one), making funny faces to make you laugh, singing, dancing machine, and finally has a head of hair.

It's been a tough road with two so little. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so glad the Lord knew better than I , and sent me Eric when I thought I was done.


Dinner on a Dime

This is surely of no interest to anyone, but I am going to be using my Blog for more of a journal than I have been. Since I can't manage to do it otherwise.

So I feel like it's been a challenge to eat healthy on such a tight budget. It seems the inexpensive stuff is often , the premade or boxed junk. But I think we're getting pretty good at it. Now that Andrew has jumped on the healthy bandwagon it's a lot easier.
Tonight we ate,
BBQ chicken breasts 6.00
Steamed Green Giant Corn .75
Scalloped potatoes .50
And crystal light lemonade free.
Then for Dessert we each had a Betty Crocker cake bowl .25
That's a pretty good dinner I think for $7.75
And I have one chix breast left over to make chicken ceaser salad for Andrew and I for lunch tomorrow. The bagged kit was .99.
I hope to continue getting better at feeding us on a budget.
I think this is the first month I am going to really maket it.
$400 includes all food, toiletries, diapers, and lunches for school.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Erics Turns Two

I'm too tired of updating this blog tonight.

Luckily the hotel was three doors down the street. That was great. After a nights rest the kids hung out in the morning, and we all got ready for family pictures.

Eric didn't even last until we got to IHop.

At the end of the night we went across the street to Ihop. Ethan fell asleep in the chair next to me, in the middle of chewing a bite of pancake. He suddenly just started leaning over on me and was out, mouth still full of food.

Carter, Kathryn, Elizabeth and Ashleigh , Jordan and Tessa, Ethan running off with Eric.All in their matching shirts courtesy of Auntie Bridget.

This is my favorite pic of the night. I took three of the kids to play, while Tess and Barry kept the babies, to allow the rest of the Adults a turn on a ride. I came back to see these great looks on their faces, and hearing too screaming babies.Those ppoor baby girls had enough Disney for the day.

Since it was 104 the day we went to Disney, we had to stop in for some Ice Cream to cool off.

Eric, daddy, and the back side of Carter in Bugs land.

Our first all Johnson family weekend. The last weekend of August was planned to go to California for Stephen's mission farewell. I will be completely honest here, I was not looking forward to it. Life around our house had been a nightmare for weeks. Trying to get the place put back together after the flooding we had. All our time had been spent working on the house, things out of order,kids feeling neglected, Andrew and I both tired and frustrated, money being tight was an understatement, and Elizabeth would be only two weeks into a new school schedule. The timing was just awful. Originally we were planning on driving out Friday night, and coming home Sunday, that's a long time in the car with our three kids, for a short visit. I knew it was important all along that we go, but it just seemed impossible.

Well I convinced Andrew to take a couple extra days off work, and we went. We had a Great time, and are so glad we were able to go. It was fun to have all the kids together all weekend. I'll fill in on the weeekend later. Lot's to catch up.

The third week of August I took Eric for his first dental appoinment. Yes I know it's a waste at this age. But he had chipped a tooth a few weeks earlier, and it was very minor. But a cleaning (insurance paid) was a better way to get his tooth looked at than an emergency visit with expensive xrays. Just trying to work the insurance game. He was a good boy, hated the cleaning, but loved the prizes he got at the end.

We had a funtime the weekend before school started, when Mimi and Mom came to visit.We took Mimi shopping for some new outfits, went to dinner, and got Elizabeth ready to go back to school.
Check my Grandma out, she rocks at 92! She got Elizabeth all fixed up for church. I always remember Mimi brushing my hair, and setting it in curlers when I was a little girl.There's no denying the fact that Mimi was here really just to see Ethan. He's her favorite for sure, so she read him books and played whatever he wanted to.

Mom brought the boys Pop Rock candy , and they couldn't get enough of it!