Friday, December 4, 2009

Ethan's ditched the training wheels.

Elizabeth's School Work

If I sailed on the Mayflower I would bring Pelos and blanckets, close, and stufft animail.Because it might get cold and you need close and I would get bored so I would bring a stuft animal.

Elizabeth's Thankful List

I can't toss these lists, without recording them.
Her list she made at school;
My Family
My ant and unckles
My home
My Gramma's and papas
My old cat Arail
My friends
My cusin's

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eric turns 2

Eric turned 2 on September 14th. Even though we had celebrated earlier in the month we couldn't let the day go by. As tradition has it, he got to pick the dinner menu. PIZZA! He announced several times. So we had pizza and cupcakes, Happy Bithday Little Guy. He's growing up way to fast. Here's a bit about him at 2. Can't get enough fruit snacks, juice, and crackers. Loves to play ball. Can toss the football, kick the soccer ball, and shoot the basketball. Loves the water, whether it's dumping out all the water bottles on the grass, or flooding the bathroom with the bath tub. He has his own opinions now. After folloeing everything Ethan's done for two years, he's aquired his own likes and dislikes. And of you differ in opinion, watch out he's rough. He'll tackle you to the ground, or just bodyslam you. He has a great sense of humor, and loves to make faces to make us laugh. And I love the way he wraps his arms so tight around my neck everytime I get a hug.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The boys decided it was "morning time" at 4am this morning. Here's the boys as I left for the church this morning. Poor guys look a bit tired.

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I was a bit busy, and these are all the pictures I got of our Super Saturday today. It was a fun day, but I am glad it's over. Everyone did awesome on their projects. Good times.

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The party goes on.

My boys love Uncle Jake.
The kids were fighting over whose hand to hold.

Movie night, aka parents want a break.

Seriously Andrew, get your own bike!

At this point you're wondering why I would post
such a hideous picture of myself, and body. But it's because despite
how I look, I had to give it a whirl too!

I had seen this fun looking park one day when I was driving around. So I thought we'd check it out. The kids had a balst. They were all so daring riding down the hills. And had so much fun climbing up in this big rope sphere. And shocking, there was a tree big enough to shade our blanket where we sat and ate lunch.

Halloween Hangover

I just love this picture. It sums up the morning after Halloween. The kids were wiped!

The Fornelli's come to town

We were thrilled to get company for Halloween. Sierra got to trick or treat with the kids this year! And the little candycorn is Shaylee, one of Ethan's little buddies. I didn't get a better shot with her. Jake has all the pics of our festivities through the day, so i will update when I get them.

Let's be honest. The sun went down too soon. The kids didn't nap, everyone was on the verge of meltdown. Even me, after all I didn't get my mummy meatloaf dinner made in time. Jake wanted to trick or treat a lot faster than Eric. We should have let him take off with Ethan and Sierra, those two could do the whole town in no time! We had a ton of fun. We ended the night back at home roasting marshmallows, and hotdogs. And sent all the kids off to bed in their jammie pants I made them. Poor Elizabeth, her's were clearly too small. I was barely short fabric, so they pulled a bit across the hips. I think she forgave me. So much fun!

Trunk or Treat

So the night of the Trunk or Treat was the one and only FREEZING day we have had yet. The boys are truly wearing sweatshirts under their tshirts. But still we managed to have a great time. Nothing stops kids when they are on the prowl for candy!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Festival

Elizabeth came home so bummed that we weren't going to the Fall festival. So I threw the boys costumes together quickly, so we could go. I will have to remake their pants tomorrow, but they made it through the night. The kids had fun , Elizabeth found some of her friends, Eric had way too many lollipops, and Ethan at plenty of candy too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

We're sitting on the couch this afternoon. And Ethan says to me, "mommy do you hear me growing?"
"What Ethan? Do I hear you growing?"
"Yah, it's in my belly. It's a snap crack and a ricketypop. It's me growing, I am going to be bigger."
Then he sat back down, and watched his show.


Amanda is so awesome. She drove down from Mesa last Tuesday just to bring me something. This ADORABLE spooky banner she made me. Yes she rocks the paper crafting world. But I just love it! Whatever I would have done wouldn't have touched it. It really brightened my day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I love our Spooky tree that we made. The kids painted the pot, put in the moss, and hung all the ornaments. I love to find crafts that they think are fun, but I love to display. We love to decorate for the holidays around our house. But we couldn't have done this one , if Andrew hadn't found us the perfect branch to begin with!
Amanda is so awesome. She drove down from Mesa last Tuesday just to bring me something. This ADORABLE spooky banner she made me. Yes she rocks the paper crafting world. But I just love it! Whatever I would have done wouldn't have touched it. It really brightened my day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sissy took off her fuzzy socks this morning so I could paint her toes. Of course

the fuzzy socks, and nail polish looking. So Ethan put on her socks, and I told him nail polish is just for girls. He replied, "Maybe when I grow up, I can be a girl and THEN I can wear nailpolish!?"


We had a great time taking the kids bowling Saturday night. But I have to say, where I come from bowling is a cheap night out. It sure isn't here. Seriously almost $8.00 a piece even for Eric. But we had a pass for a free game, so off we went.Elizabeth brought Lexie along, it's always more fun with a friend. I figure the boys always have eachother to play with, she should have someone too. Lexie informed us that she was an expert at the sport. I threatened to kick her butt at the game. Thank goodness for the bumpers, I think we gave her a run for her money. Eric loved "throwing the balls" he carried it all by himself. Andrew would give the ball an extra shove once the boys tossed it, to help it make it down the lane. Ethan was even able to wow us all with a strike! I was there too, but

am choosing not to post the pictures that the girls took at such great angles during the game! Thanks girls.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

80's Day

This time it's 80's day. Her outfit was WWAAAYYYY better with the torn blue shirt hanging off the shoulder with it. But Elizabeth said she couldn't wear it unless Kali or Lexi told her it looked ok. Surely they know more about the 80's than her mom. She did tell me that the 80's were the ugliest time ever. I have to agree!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

So I know this hair is a stretch for crazy. But anyone who knows Elizabeth, knows she's not one to do things out of their ordinary. She's never done crazy hair day at school before, but this year whe wanted to give it a shot. Nothing too crazy though. So misc. knotted ribbons on "high" pigtails is living on the edge for her today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Decor

We had a fun Saturday afternoon. It was time to bust out the Halloween Decor. So I realize how minimal my supply is every year. But the point is the kids have fun. Ethan told sissy they could put their costumes on and go to the houses and get CANDY!!! But I told him he has to wait, and he's pretty disappointed. Here's what we threw up outside.