Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning

It's 10 after 10. Church just started. Andrew and the kids just drove off. The Ham is in the crockpot, glaze making all over the kitchen. Thread, fabric scraps, and all other sewing needs all over the kitchen and table, and friends are coming right after church. I'm running upstairs to take a 5 min shower, and head to church with wet hair. But, Elizabeth's hair is curled, Ethan's pants are hemmed, their ties are complete, and after trying several pairs, we found a matching pair of shoes to fit both boys. Thank goodness for my seam ripper this morning! I can't sew in a rush. But they left looking cute, and smiling.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Low Budget Spring Decor.

SO I haven't had the time to go crazy with Spring decorations. I really wish I had a cricut. I am often lacking letters for the things I want to make. But I got thiese ideas from this blog I love with Dollar tree crafts. I normally don't buy little ceramic animals form the dollar tree, but this little wooden Robin was cute. And i already had the moss from our Spooky Tree. I also had these eggs in the craft cupboard from a foamie kit my mom had given Elizabeth. I think that was two years ago. I think they're pretty cute.

Lollipop for breakfast

Eric woke up around 11:30 last night, and came into our room crying. "My penis hurts!" Over and over again. We changed his diaper, it looked fine. But he fussed and twisted , and jerked around for 15 minutes crying really hard. I was beginning to think that maybe he had a UTI, and was dreading it for him. Andrew went to start him a bath, to see if that would help. Once Andrew left the room, he turned to me and said,
"I don't want to go peepee in my diaper."
"What?! Do you want to use the potty?"
"Your bathroom or mine?"
So I quickly rush him in and set him on the potty. We have had SEVERAL unsuccessful attempts at this already. He has never gone in the potty. He has been too scared, sits on it, but that's it.
Right away he does it. I run get Andrew, and Eric does it again. He gives a little half chuckle. And he's done. Problem solved. I ran around frantically looking for a prize, which he has been promised to get when he goes. I wasn't prepared at 11:30 at night. But found a big lollipop from Disneyland. He took the bait. Ran into his room with it, and tried to wake up Ethan to tell him he'd used the potty. He was disappointed when I told him to save all this excitement for the morning. But he did, so it's lollipops for breakfast today.

The Camera's back AGAIN!

So We loved our new camera, used it so much, the battery died. i didn't know this needed a special battery charger. It costs 49.99 at walmart, so I ordered one on amazon for under $5.oo w/ shipping. It came yesterday , so we're back in action. We had a fun month, wish we had pictures. Bike rides and rocket launches at the park. Aloha festival, which we will have to hit every year. Bounce jungle on spring break. A fun neighborhood potluck night at the park. But Spring Break is over, Elizabeth's back at school. And I am trying to organize life in general, as always. But we did have one great project over Spring break!
I had seen lots of people online making their own toy kitchens. I just love to repurpose things.So I got my hands on a cabinet, and off we went. Elizabeth was a little bit skeptical, " How is this ever going to be a kitchen?". She got out her own notepad and started sketching plans. It was a bit of work. I like projects done quick, this one took a few days. And I could not have done it without the hot carpenter I hired to help me out! Thanks Andrew.

As you can see we went for all stainless appliances. The gas grill is made out of rubber grip it circles, and popsicle sticks. Then I painted wooden wheels from Michaels for the knobs to turn.

We had some chalkboard paint in the garage so I made a chalkboard to put on the side. Andrew cut down and mounted this old busted up picture frame molding for it too.
The sink is on backorder, and should be delivered from Grandma any day now. We are still searching for just the right faucet for the sink, and three hooks for oven mits and aprons. But you all know I wont get them until I find them for virtually free. Until then we are whipping up a little bit of toy food here and there. My cupcake didn't turn out too tall, so we'll see how the next one goes. But the pasta and chocolate cookies are a success. The kids run in and cook with whatever I whip up. They are having so much fun with it!