Thursday, April 30, 2009


Elizabeth is on a soccer team this spring. Andrew is helping to coach it, which was one of the only ways i got her to play. She refuses to be on any sort of team, or try extra curricular classes. So this was a huge accomplishment for us. She doesn't love it, to be honest. But it's good for her to do. Last week she finally kicked the ball in the game, and I saw her face get pretty excited. I try to watch her as much as possible, but I spend a lot of the time plucking the boys off of the soccer fields!


I chose this background, because I always call my kids monkeys. I'll have to document some proof to post.

I have a camera again!!!

So Julie was so kind as to send me her extra camera. The boys have officially destroyed both of mine, hence the lack of blogging lately. So I am excited to start documenting our lives again.
Last weekend I was lucky enough to be part of a Relay for Life team. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it is a fundraiser for cancer. It benefits all types of cancer not just one specific. My awesome friend Marie put in a ton of hard work organizing our team. She put the team together in Honor of our Friend Rashele who is currently winning the battle against cancer. I was so excited to be a part of this event.
I lost my Aunt Barbie to Cancer a few years ago. She wasn't just my aunt. Her girls are just like my sisters, and I spent a lot of time living with and being a part of their family.
Aunt Barbie was like a mother ot me. She helped me grow up, and gave me the support, example, and role model I needed. She was there for me whenever I needed her. And watching Cancer take her away for this time, from her family, myself and the rest of this world was awful. She was so Valiant, sweet, and beautiful every step of the way. So this relay was an opportunity to honor her, and share with my family her memory.
I think I will do this every was amazing. I am glad I was there. Andrew and the kids came in the evening and hung out with us all. But they left, and so did many other members of our team as the night progressed. Quitters! The select few stuck it out until the end. 6 am. no sleep, tons of fun, lots of memories, too uch food, freezing cold, listening to a hairy elvis, horrible teenage weezer wanabe band.
Our team had ballons at our sight. We all wrote names of those we relayed for on the balloons. And in the morning we let them go. Rashele was there too. She looked radiant. I watch her fight through the pain to be a part of it all, and to hold her children, even though it hurts. She is an inspiration to me of strength. She designed the shirts we are all wearing as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All tuckered out.

So moving has been a load on everyone. I found Eric asleep on the couch while I was unpacking one day last week. What a cutie. I really think the boys love all the space they have to run around her. Especially being able to ride bikes out back.

$3.60 at Target

I have recently picked up the hobby of couponing. I am loving it. Almost two months in I feel like I am getting the hang of it now. This was an awesome trip to Target. Seriously that's all I spent. And the only thing not pictures is a pack of staples that cost $1.24!

2 Year Old Lemon

When we moved we transplanted our dwarf Lemon Tree with us. It's doing well. But this lemon fell off. It is the first piece of fruit we've gotten from it. It seriously no lie has been growing for 2 years. The little lemon that could.


So I have received quite a bit of nagging to update my posts here. In my defense this past month has been nothing to blog about. Lots of packing, moving, puking, emotional days. All kinds of stuff you didn't want to hear about. But we are settling in so I will catch up later. For now this can't wait. Ethan has potty trained himself. And I really mean himself. Today was the last step. "I go poo poo in the potty mommy!" Yeah! So off wil the pullup, scary, and on with Diego. It was a bit of a struggle to convince him to get Diego instead of Dora, but I won. He lifts up his shirt and says here's my Rescue pack! You have to know Dieog to get it.
Yeah!!! Only 1 left in diapers!!