Saturday, May 31, 2008

Water Day

Okay so it seems they save as much as possible for the last week of school. There was some event every day. I went and helped out with water day. The kids had so much fun. They had water sldes, a dunking booth, watemelon and popsicles, and other water games. And then as we were about to head back into the classroom, the Gilbert fire department showed up to hose the kids!What a blast.

Okay so I have been unsettled about the decoratins, and layouts downstairs ever since we moved in. So I have gotten lots of direction and advise from mt talented friends. Thanks Calli Alli and Cassie. So I decided we were going to do all these changes this one weekend. Since we were going to be working all day i let the kids help faux paint the wall. Granted it took ten times longer but look how happy they were. The step ladder was Ethans favorite!

Open House

It was open house, or whatever they call it here,at Elizabeths elementary school.Elizabeth and her friend sheridan demonstrated their letter shaping techniques for us on the carpet. And Elizabeth played teacher for us. We had a great time seeing all the work she's done in her class this year. Miss Chasteen has been a wonderful teacher.

Elizabeth gave a talk in primary today. And Rachelle also gave her spotlight,what a fun day for her!

YEAH!!! Ethan started nursery!!

May 18th Ethan is exactly 18 months old and off to nursery! Yeah this is a huge relief since Andrew and I teach Sunday School together. It's hard enough to keep teenagers attention without both our wild boys in there. He was very excited as long as I didn't leave. That's ok. And somehow he and Finley always manage to find eachother on Sundays to share snacks. Aren't they cute!?

Panut Butter Anyone?

I fixed Ethan some peanut butter and apples for a snack this morning. I left the room for all of a couple minutes, and came back to find Eric had taken them over. Oops a little young for PB, luckily no reaction. Silly boys.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

What's Cinco de Mayo without carne asada? We had a fun evening with a barbeque at the park with friends.We even had a pinata. It was Ethans first time at a splash pad, and he loved it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I had to take a picture of this. Elizabeth must have tossed quite a bit in the night to wake up with this hair! It was crazy had to run her hair under the faucet, and rub tons of conditioner into it it, to be able to comb it out. She said "too bad it's not crazy hair day or I'd win for sure!"


I hope that everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. I did. It started with breakfast in bed. And we made it to church on time! Andrew and Elizabeth also made dinner, and Andrew even made sure that the dishwasher was loaded before he went to bed. Nikki Blonde taught another one of her awesome lessons on Sunday in Relief Society. She also gave us all this poem for mothers day. I will try to get it on here tomorrow.


Okay so it's been over a month. I am not too good at keeping this thing up. I think about it, but just don't have , the time. That nasty flu hit us all. It was crazy the Roto Virus. We all ended up with it. The boys had numerous trips to the hospital, and urgent care. But it's over now.Yeah!