Monday, March 7, 2011

Mateo's Birthday Party

We had mateo's Birthday Party at our house last month. It was perfect weather for everyone to be outside. They played games, wore transformer masks, and had a pinata.

For my boys the CANDY had to be the best part!!

All the guys played ball,

Elizabeth and Sierra look busted!

A day at the park.

One thing I really miss about AZ is riding bikes. Here we don't have bike lanes, and there aren't long uninterrupted sidewalks. So we just don't get out as much.
This night we rode to the park up the street to do homework, and play. I have to leave the house sometimes, so we can play and not work. There's just always something to get busy on at home, and we need to spend more time playing with the kids.

We practiced a little softball with the kids. Of course Elizabeth brought the dog along to play.

The sun went down, so it was time to go.

Family Home Evening

I will be the first to admit we are not consistant every week with our FHE. But we try. This night Elizabeth was teaching. Ethan here conducted the music for us. I know, terrible picture. But you had to see Samuel the Laminite. He's the Little People Noah, haha. He's on top of a wall of rice krispy treats. We threw marshmallows (stones) at him, while she taught the lesson.

Then of course we ate it all up! I got this FHe idea from a FHE swap group
I was in a few years ago. We love the kits, they are so helpful!