Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last day of School

Last day of school. The fears of summer set in. Will thekids kill eachother? Can I keep enough snacks in my house? Will my house ever look clean again before August. And the biggest fear of all... with Sissy home, is Ethan going to phase out his nap? NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soccer Swim Party

Soccer season endedso we had a party to celebrate.Thanks to Rian and Andrew for coaching the kids! The boys enjoyed the free for all candy and drinks.

First Grade Performance

Elizabeth's first grade Performance was yesterday. I will spare you al my emotional thoughts on the end of the school year. Just can't believe how fast it al goes. They sang really cute songs about all the things they had done, and learned at school this year. I love that Elizabeth always get to be in a top row because she is tall. I was always shorter and thought the kids that got the top bleacher were so lucky.

Mean Kids

I think kids who say "you better ..... or you can't...." are mean and bossy! So if you hear this phrase used out of my childs tell me! I hate even more that my daughter thinks she has to listen to kids that tell her this!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Curriculum Night

We had Curriculum night at the elementary school. This means school is almost over. I am not quite sure how the summer will go. It seems that the kids are ALWAYS fighting lately. And Elizabeth, well that's a whole different post. So hopefully we will make it through the summer without killing eachother.Anyway we got a chance to see some of the work she has done. the whole first grade hallway was done up Eric Carle style. We saw books, she made, bugs they made, and wrtwork displayed from art class. I am so sad to hear that the "specials" are getting slimmed back with the budget cuts. These music, art, science, and other classes mean a lot to the kids. I guess they will be offered to the older grades now. What a bummer!
it was a rough start this year, but Elizabeth made it through the year. We still struggle to get out of bed ontime, but better luck next year!

My fun friend Staton cam to visit me a couple pf weeks ago. We use to be roomies. AHH the memories. Anyway she and her husband live in Hawaii now, so we haven't seen eachoher for years. It was so good to see her. That's the great thing about such good friend. Five years later, and it only take five minutes to feel like old times!

Andrews Ribs

I know this was almost\ a month ago. So I am a bit behind on posting. But Andrew and I accidently defrosted these ribs. I had bought two full racks of ribs, on an awesome deal at Bashas. So we had to cook them up. It made a TON. They were delicious. I think I took them to four other people that night, and we still had leftovers. Yummy!

the boys

Eric and Ethan at the end of our bike ride. Ethan takes good care of his little brother, (when he wants to).