Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jingle Jog

The boys and I met up with Elizabeth at school for her "Jingle Jog" today.
We did the chicken dance, the ymca, then stretched and the kids jogged around the field.

Elizabeth and some of her good friends in her class. They had a Christmas breakfast. Her teachers even made pancakes for everyone! Elizabeth said they did fun Christmas things all day. Now she's home for two weeks. I am so glad that I don't have to get out the door by 8:00 for awhile! I'm all for late mornings in our jammies this winter break!

Elizabeth's Birthday

Jenna will be happy to know that Elizabeth chose cheese rice with raw broccoli dipped in ranch for her dinner menu. I threw in chicken nuggets to pretend there was something healthy involved. Elizabeth was thrilled when she opened her new Hannah Montanah journal. But I think she was totally surprised when she found out she's be going to the Hannah Montanah concert. Auntie Julie scored the tickets as soon as they released on ticket master last Saturday! Who's the favorite now aunties?! Hee Hee

Here are a few of the many attempts we had at taking a Christmas card picture.

Wednesday the 18th was Elizabeth's actual birthday. She requested I bring chocolate chip cookis to her class. Her good friend Lindsay helped her pass them out to the class. Then Ms. Chasteen had the class sing Happy Birthday, and she got to pick a present out of the class treasure box.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Ethan loves to play "steamroller" with Eric. I don't really think Eric enjoys it as much as he does .

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Well who can believe that Elizabeth already celebrated her 16th birthday. Okay so really it was only her 6th, but you could have fooled me! We had a "girly girl" party, so Elizabeth called it. Katie and Cami our "cool" helpers gave all the girls make overs as they arrived. From hair extensions to nails they got the worls. The also helped decorate purses, amke flower frames, and dine with a fabulous tea party. I was SHOCKED at the way these little girls put away the croissants!!! Although the cheetos did go pretty quick to. But they did need fuel for energy with all the dancing. The girls also got to make their own bracelets with Mandie, which were a hit, and then star in their own personal photo shoot. I think they all had a good time. I am happy to know that the season of birthday parties for this family is at a rest for a season or two.Elizabeth will really turn six on the 18th. She asked me to tell her on the day she really becomes six, because she's afraid she won't remember.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last Wednesday Eirc woke up nwide awake at 4am, as usual. But I was so excited as for an hour he smile dand tried as hard as he could to talk to me. He kicked his little legs like crazy and went on and on with his little coos and giggles. This was the first time he did this so much. It was like he really came to life that morning. Now we find a huge smile peeking out from that binky everyday!

Grandma J and Pappa J got Elizabeth this coveted Hannah Montanah top. Luckily it goes with any of her million cheetah skirts. She couldn't wait to get dressed for school the following Monday.

Ethan and Eric went together for their one year and two month dr. appointment. The doctor said we have two "big and healthy boys". He said that Ethan is the size of an average healthy two year old at just over 25 lbs. Eric is right behing him already over 12 lbs. They both got lots of shots, Eric squeeled like a girl right away. Ethan braved the first four in silence, but broke down on the last one. He recovered quickly once he discovered his bandaids.

Got home and decorated the tree. Ethan did as much as he could to what in his mind was heelping. Who knew a piece of cardboard could be so much fun?So we decorated ,Ethan undecorated, decorated again, and the cycle goes on and on. The ornaments keep getting put up higher and higher, lights have had to be restrung, and a few have been broken, or found anywhere in the house except on the tree. Needless to say he hasn't lost interest in the tree yet. We're taking bets on how long until he pulls it down.

Oh Christmas Tree

We went to Target the week after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree. Yes we are of the few very rare, here we've found, who still go for the real deal. We wouldn't want daddy to miss out on cutting open, shaking out, and spinning around half the trees in the lot for us! We also always each pick out one new ornament for the year. Elizabeth got a silver reindeer, Ethan got a lightening mcqueen ball, mommy got colored sparklers, and daddy has to go to the sportmans store to find his. Just something fun we do. This year it was a little more difficult to focus on the tree while we chased runaway Ethan at the same time.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to ride the quads. I think this was andrew's favorite part of the weekend. There were pretty high winds so Julie Meghan and Dad stayed home with the babies. The rest of us headed out. For most of us it was our first time. As you saw Jenna and JoAnna chose to warm up on Elizabeths small quad. But they did get on and ride the big one's as well. Sierra loved it, I think Terry could have ridden forever, Jake had fun, Jess is hooked, Ethan was terrified, and Brandon, well I think he had fun until he rolled with th quad. Luckily he wasn't hurt, just cut. We might let him on again! Hee Hee

Had so much fun at Thanksgiving dinner. Most of Jess' family and all the Johnson's were at our house for dinner. Everyone helped contribute to the menu. We had a tonof food, danced, ate , ate some more, and just hunf out. We switched furniture from room to room downstairs to allow room for us all to sit and eat together. It was funny to see us try to sit and eat, and struggle with all the kids at the same time. Hopefully by next year they'll all be out of highchairs and booster seats, and onto an official kiddy table. Wow when did I get old enough to have one of those in our house!

Aunty Meghan was all over the crafts for the weekend.She helped the girls make all the name place cards for thanksgiving as well. So cute.