Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So tomorrow is the first day of school. Although they were early mornings, I was gald Elizabeth had 7:30 swim. I knew it was keeping us on track for school. Until this past week happened. We had a toilet leak up in the upstairs last Sunday. It must have been running for about two hours. It flooded out into the hallway, and poured out through 3/4 of the garage ceiling. Needless to say we were freaking out. So it's been a crazy stressful week full of late nights, and all sorts of chaos. Details I'll share at a later date. Point being not the way to spend the week preparing for back to school. Mom and Mimi are also here, spending the weekend with us. So tonight we all sat down while Andrew gave Elizabeth her Father's blessing. Ethan sat quiet, but Eric ran circles around the coffee table, making plenty of noise. When Andrew was through Ethan hoppes right up into the chair.."I want one too." If I didn't know a picture would be inappropriate I would have taken a picture. Cutest thing. Eric kept jabbing him with his cobra snake saying.."here Ethan." during the prayer. I know he's so revrent. But as soon as they were done, Eric hopped into the chair.."my turn." This time I REALLY had to fight the urge for a pic. A sight I never want to forget. Eric sat quiet as a mouse with his Arms folded.."look mommy." "good job Eric." Then Andrew gave him a blessing too. He didn't budge or unfold his arms until he was through. I thought of Karen Wormell having a homecoming for her son from his mission tonight. And Stephen leaving on his in a matter of weeks. I am sure that moment will come all too soon for me, as I realize both my boys will seve at the same time. Like I mentioned I never want to forget this night, as each of my children sat with their wonderful father, and recieved a blessing from the Lord, and filled our home with the spirit. The walls may be torn apart, the floor trampled with drywall dust, my landlord seemingly unfair, the bank account runnung low, but I am truly blessed.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My next post is our trip to Cali , and it's way too late for that one. Pics are far and few and inbetween these days. That camera that Julie sent me to use passed away in Cali. So I am screwed. Hopefully I can get one soon. Until then I will keep trying to catch up.

Back in the beginning of June, when you could still breathe outside, we took all the kids to the zoo. I can't say too many great things about our zoo, but I will give them credit for the splash pad area. The kids had a great time. It was fun to all go out with our kids, we don't do it often enough.


After five years with one little girl, I had no idea how my life was about to awaken with these two boys. They truly are old friends, I can tell. They are full of energy, curiousity, mischief, laughter, and love. Ethan can tell when I am upset, usuall after he does something wrong, and will always come to check on me. "You are happy mom?" He really is such a little lover. He wakes me up every morning and climbs into my bed to snuggle. "I want to hold you." he says. And cuddles right up. Eric cracks me up. His little face still fits in my hand. And often he will come up to me and just rest his head in my hand, until he starts to giggle. Then he'll hit me and run away.Yes his gentle moments never last too long. But I love them anyway.

Homemade tortillas

So it's Sunday afternoon. We want tacos for dinner and haven't any tortillas. They seem to have been a luxury we don't spring for much lately.So thanks to the wonderful world wide web and google we made some of our own. I have to say they were pretty good. Here are my underage employees I made labor in the kitchen,

Okay so not the best picture I know. June 10th Andrew and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. We chose to go to the temple and dinner. Once I figure out how to use my scanner I will have to post one of our wedding pics.

Kira had posted awhile ago about a snow cone machine her kids were loving! Well we have been trying to have as much fun as possible, while staying extremely frugal this summer. So I splurged for the snow cone machine. And she was right, the kids love it. Even Eric can push the top down to shave his own ice. Thanks for the idea!

I wish I had taken pics of the kids at swim lessons this summer. We are SO LUCKY to have Miss Nikki and all her amazing talents. She was so awesome at swim. I felt like Elizabeth was such a big girl as I sent her off on her own to swim. She learned the butterfly, breast stroke, and a bit of the side stroke this year. She always has loved the water. Ethan started out not even putting his face in the water, and finished a little fish. He is so excited about his progress. He didn't take easy, ,poor Nikki had to put up with some choking, kicking, and high pitched girl screaming from him. Thanks for your patience Nikki!

Don't let these wild monkeys fool you. They hate being confined at a restaurant. For some reason we continue to try our luck with them . Maybe it's those cute little faces.

Back to Blogging

SO I am almost as far behind on my blog as I am on scrapbooking these days. And that's pretty bad. So I am going to try and play catch up a bit at a time. There's been a lot going on since school got out. Ethan can swim now, thanks to miss Nikki. Eric and Ethan are both in big boy beds now, no more cribs. And so much more fun stuff. So hopefully I can get it all recorded here.

Back before the summer fell upon us like the burning heat of #!@*, we enjoyed bike rides to lunch. I never posted this cute picture of the boys fallen asleep on the way home. I think it's so cute the way they always take care of eachother.