Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why is Ethan sick today? I'd like to think the other's might pass it by, but Eric and Ethan share EVERYTHING! The joy of sharing a room. Wouldn't be such a big deal if my entire family weren't coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Elizabeth will be heartbroken if they can't come. But who can afford catching the flu? No fun.

Monday, November 24, 2008

At the Park


So we noticed bees sworming around the rooftop corner of our neighbors house about three weeks ago. It took this long to get the matter handled. Our yard runs right up to thier house so we have not been able to go out there at all. There are dead bees on our patio everymorning and bees sleeping on the screen door. We have nagged the heck out of them, and finally today the bee man came. He sprayed something up there in that rooftop and ticked those bees off! They were just piling out, and faling from the sky, into my yrad of course, like firecracker ashes. It was crazy! The boys and I watch from the window. Ethan thought the ladder was pretty cool. Needless to say I hope they are all out of there before all our company starts coming this week! Any ideas on how to clear the battle ground in the back yard?

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend. Saturday morning Elizabeth and I went out to do a little yard saling. She loves to go to yard sales with me. The mission that morning was for nursery toys. It was a late start so we didn't know what we'd find. Well at our first stop Elizabeth scored. She got these great skates for $1.00. She was so excited she bought them with her own money. Then I went to another yard sale and got her a full set of pads for $3.oo. We thought we'd done well enough until we scored again. We got Eric this Spider man quad for $2.oo. Ethan already has one, and this will solve the battle over it. We thought it was a successful morning, and even got nursery toys too.Elizabeth tried really hard on those skates. She'll get it eventually, but until then thank goodness for the pads!
That afternoon Cami had invited us tp a carnival at the park. It was a perfect day out, and we had a great time relaxing. I even got into the jumper with the boys. Scary! It was fun to put all responsibility aside this weekend and just hang out with the kids. Today it's back to cleaning. I'd rather be at Disneyland with my Dad , sisters, nieces, and nephew's. But we can't have it all

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is "GOBBLE" our Thanksgiving turkey. He is one of our few Thanksgiving decorations. Elizabeth is very bothered that "everyone is skipping Thanksgiving and going right to Christmas decorations!" So thank you to all who pay tribute to the Pilgrims and Indians! I caught her doing a photo shoot of her brother and the Turkey yesterday.Cute kids.

Poor little Eric throught the biggest tantrum I have ever seen from him tonight. He was exhausted. Little guy partied way too hard today. He was thrashing himself all over, he nearly drowned himself in the tub. Ask the Phelps kids they were here to witness. He didn't nap this afternoon, that was my fault. But he's finally calmed down now. He wouldn't even take his binky or bottle he was so upset. Then Ethan fell asleep on Andrew's lap at the dinner table. But my little Energizer bunny Elizabeth's still up. Those boys make so much mischief lately they should be exhausted!

Thank Goodness For Friends

So I was out having a pitty party for myself the other night. I had to run to Walgreens to got some deoderant after everyone had gone to bed. So I was taking a drive through the neighborhood, while snacking on my cupcake I had emotionally purchased as well. Yep I am an emotional eater. So I was tearing up to Faith Hill's "where are you Christmas" as I tend to feel that way before it's even suppose to arrive. I just was homesick. My sister drove down form Utah to Cali yesterday with her family. Her son Jamison is right inbetween my boys. That makes me the only one of all seven kids not there today. I can handle it except that on Monday they are going to Disneyland. We went every year as kids, even if we had to go collect cans to pay our way.We love it. Even as married adults we have gone every year.So this Fall we were suppose to take all the kids, and the boys have their first trip together. So I was bummed.Bummed to not walk around Old Town Pasadena with everyone, fight over what ride's next at Disneyland, check out the new Americana,visit old friends, go to Violet's Cakes, take the kids to the beach, ride the ponies and the train at griffith park, and all the other funt hings we do together. I haven't been to Cali since January, and don't know when I will get out there again. So I was out on my pity party, when I drove around the corner and Caught Aubryn and Cass out on a walk. Yes everyone has more will than I to work out. So I can't hate you all for your cute bods, you do earn them. I talked to them for awhile, and made up some lame excuse as to why I was driving aorund their hood. I wondered if they saw passed me in the dark car at the guilty wrapper. Probably. I felt so much better when I drove off probably 20 minutes later. Then today Tif watched my kids so I could go work in Elizabeth's class, which Nikki helped me put supplies together for. Then we went to luch together while the boys played. Cami has suffered way too many late night phone calls/therapy sessions from me this week, and Shannon invited me out to lunch for her Birthday. Last weekend I asked Heavenly Father why we should stay here. For what reason of my own is it not time to relocate. I told him reason I have. And this week he proved me, my friends are a huge rock in my life.Thanks.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I can hardly believe that my little miracle Ethan is turning two this week. It was such a journey to bring him into our family. Many of you know we tried years of infertility, then prepared to adopt. After which decided to try further infertility. We were doing all we could. We were shocked when we put it all on hold until we comleted our big move to Arizona, to find out we were pregnant. The difficulty didn't end there, as we had a very hard pregnancy. I felt so close to him before he even arrived. His delivery was the easiest of all three of my kids. I couldn't believe he was finally here to join in our family. And now here it is, seemingly yesterday, two years later. He's stinking cute with a price. And that price is trouble. He's a man of mischief that's for sure!

I've been tagged.

My good friend Leanna has tagged me. You must post the 4th picture in your 4th folder on your computer. Here's mine. It was this summer when Julie and Jamison were here. I had just had surgery and Julie was saving my family while I recovered. The boys were playing in the front yard in their pool.Notice the bottle of baby wash. Yep they all ended up naked and bathed in the front yard. Now how's that for multitasking? I tag JoAnna Leblanc,Julie Miller,and Meghan Fornelli!Yep Meghan that will foecr an update onto your blog!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

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We had a fun Halloween. We spent a lot more time out trick or treating than we'd expected. Our neighborhood was filled with kids. And we visited lots of friend on the way. Eric spent most of the time in the wagon. We noticed he discovered the candy under the seat. Ethan caught on really quick . He would try to walk right on in to every door that opened. Scary. He was most excited when they got glow in the dark bracelets at one house, and an eyeball candy at another. Elizabeth was a die hard, she wanted to keep going when we were done. And has informed me that she does not want to sell her candy to the dentist, as we have before.Hope everyone's halloween was equally as fun!

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