Friday, February 27, 2009

Erics Finally Talking!

Eric is finally picking up a few very important words;

Silly Ethan

Took Ethan and eric to Barnes and Nobles story time on Monday. Ethan was more anxious to get to costco than hear stories. All the little kids are sitting on the benches listening. As soon as the story ends, ethan stands up turns around and announces,"All done Mommy, let's go to Costco.

Walking through Target this morning, we passed the lingerie and sleepwear department. Ethan says out loud,"Those are boobs mom?" Of course he said it three or four times before I realized what he was saying referring to the bras.

Ethan had fun at the mall Thursday..."going up and up in the sky in the alligator."(elevator)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miss Negativity

I hate that it's warm outside today. It makes me nervously aniticipate the summer. I think all you who love the million degree heat here, are crazy. I HATE THE ARIZONA SUMMER!!!I also hate that the only thing I have to do today is clean, laundry,and make food. I got up at six, thought for some small miracle I could work out before the kids were up. Yah right. Eric was up at 6. Seriously!!I miss going to the gym.I wish I could go back. But then again, my boys rarely let me get through a class,and I swear always were sick. So I am destined to be lazy forever,or at least a couple more years. Anyway life will be better in about ten minutes. but hey we have to be real on here every now and again. Not everyday is cupcakes, and fun!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time for Tea

We had a little Valentines party on Monday since there wasn't any school. The girls had a fun time. We had tea (juice) Pizza rolls, strawberries,mini cupcakes, and other yummy snacks. Then we played at the park, went on scavenger hunt, and made a couple of crafts. I'd like to say it was fun. But really I had been up with Eric since 4 am, and was feeling like nothing other than a nap. but hey the kids had fun.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines day everyone. Andrew and I got up early and Heart attacked the dining room for the kids. We had a little valentine gift for each of them on their plate at the table. (Thankgoodness for my Target clearance stashes)We had pink pancakes and eggs, and I set off al the smoke alarms at 7:30 am cooking bacon. What a loser. We had a fun morning together. Then Andrew and I went out to the movies.In the evening we had Rachelle and the kids over for a yummy Steak and Chicken dinner. I was excited that I found these Steaks in the bottom drawer of the freezer which my mom had delivered for Christmas. Yummy stuff. We played games, and the kids finished the night off with a dance off. Eric and Aubryn were the dj's for our club.

Happy Valentines day

Here's Elizabeth off to school for Valentines Day. She was so excited to give her teacher the gift she made with Nikki. A bottle of hand lotion with Elizabeth's hand cut out and taped like they were holding it. Saying You deserve a Hand. We all know already , Nikki is so dang cute.

Ethan's Sticker

First of all, No Ethan does not have a Dumb and Dumber bowl haircut.His mowhawk was not yet styled this particular morning. Now with that said. Ethan was so excited to show me, "mommy i got a sticker!I put it on my shirt." Yes lovely, the little peel of tab from the package of Kirkland wipes. He wears it proudly off every package now.

Meet Robot Head. This is the boys newest past time. Elizabeth taought them to put an empty toy bucket on their head, to be a Robot, and they walk around saying WWWAAALLEEEEEEEEEE. So Andrew made Eric this designer capri sun robot head, you should have seen him trying to stay standing up in it.