Saturday, November 7, 2009

The boys decided it was "morning time" at 4am this morning. Here's the boys as I left for the church this morning. Poor guys look a bit tired.

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I was a bit busy, and these are all the pictures I got of our Super Saturday today. It was a fun day, but I am glad it's over. Everyone did awesome on their projects. Good times.

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The party goes on.

My boys love Uncle Jake.
The kids were fighting over whose hand to hold.

Movie night, aka parents want a break.

Seriously Andrew, get your own bike!

At this point you're wondering why I would post
such a hideous picture of myself, and body. But it's because despite
how I look, I had to give it a whirl too!

I had seen this fun looking park one day when I was driving around. So I thought we'd check it out. The kids had a balst. They were all so daring riding down the hills. And had so much fun climbing up in this big rope sphere. And shocking, there was a tree big enough to shade our blanket where we sat and ate lunch.

Halloween Hangover

I just love this picture. It sums up the morning after Halloween. The kids were wiped!

The Fornelli's come to town

We were thrilled to get company for Halloween. Sierra got to trick or treat with the kids this year! And the little candycorn is Shaylee, one of Ethan's little buddies. I didn't get a better shot with her. Jake has all the pics of our festivities through the day, so i will update when I get them.

Let's be honest. The sun went down too soon. The kids didn't nap, everyone was on the verge of meltdown. Even me, after all I didn't get my mummy meatloaf dinner made in time. Jake wanted to trick or treat a lot faster than Eric. We should have let him take off with Ethan and Sierra, those two could do the whole town in no time! We had a ton of fun. We ended the night back at home roasting marshmallows, and hotdogs. And sent all the kids off to bed in their jammie pants I made them. Poor Elizabeth, her's were clearly too small. I was barely short fabric, so they pulled a bit across the hips. I think she forgave me. So much fun!

Trunk or Treat

So the night of the Trunk or Treat was the one and only FREEZING day we have had yet. The boys are truly wearing sweatshirts under their tshirts. But still we managed to have a great time. Nothing stops kids when they are on the prowl for candy!