Friday, June 20, 2008





SUPER JULIE!!! For those of you who didn't already know, Julie is amazin. She inlisted to help me with EVERYTHING after my surgery last week. That made 8 days of 5:30 am rising, three baby boys in diapers! (yuck), six different naps,bottles,spoonfeeding three, active & emotional six year old, screaming teether in the middle of the night, and so much more! She's yet to complain. And even braved taking all four kids to storytime, the boys to Costco, swimming at the pool, making all the meals, (after the awesome weekend of meals from my amazing friends in the ward!Thanks!), baked fresh muffins for beakfast, and a warm cake for dessert. I really couldn't have rested and recovered so well without her! I am still on the end of the healing process, but it's going well. It has been so hard to sit around and watch Julie and Andrew do so much. The first three days I was home, Andrew was on full duty himself. I slept throught the days on pain killers. He was and always is amazing! I couldn't do anything without him. I hope our kids will always know how lucky they are for their dad.
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