Monday, August 4, 2008





Dad was here for the weekend, and we took him to the Children's museum in Pheonix.Elizabeth thought he would love it, as he's "part kid" she says. Our kids love it there, they can get in abd play everything. I even let them paint in the art studio this time. That night we also went to Kobe steakhouse for dinner. It's a teppan grill where they cook at our table. The boys eyes were fixed on the chef, with all his food flipping, fire and flames. Pappa went home sunday night and hopefully didn't take our colds with him!!
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Jess B. said...

Looks like you've had some fun times this summer! I ♥ the pics of the girls in their jammies... girls day for breakfast? F-U-N! And I am with you on the carasaul, it's a ripoff. How did Elizabeth like her first day?

Tiffany and Adam said...

Hey there!! I'm so excited I found your blog. Looks like the kids had fun at the museum. You have such an adorable family. Check out our blog sometime.