Sunday, December 2, 2007

Black Friday 2007

Okay so for those of you who don't know already, my family is filled with Black Friday addicts. We are of the crazy masses who sleep at the storefronts to get a good deal.This year we actually declared Thanksgiving to move from Thursday to Friday.We owe the majority of this years preparatory research to Jake. Hate to say it but we do. We landed first position in line at Best Buy when Jake got there @9:30 pm Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Eric and I joined him early the next day. Everyone joined soon after. It was fun we had it all set up chairs ,table, air mattresses and all. We all had lunch there, and a great spaghetti dinner as well.The kids ran around and played and after hot chocolate they all went home to bed.Jake,Terry (this was his first time!) Andrew and I stayed the night. The line wrapped around the entire shopping center, and our position was envied as the night grew on and peoplegot anxious. At 5am they opened the doors,we rushed in cheering and scored our new laptops, computers,cameras,gps systems,and special orders from santa.It was another successful year.


Cami D. said...

You are NUTS!! I do NOT believe in Black Friday...maybe I should write a letter to YOUR Santa!

Jess said...

Thanks again for scoring us the computer! Your kids are ADORABLE!!!