Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Well who can believe that Elizabeth already celebrated her 16th birthday. Okay so really it was only her 6th, but you could have fooled me! We had a "girly girl" party, so Elizabeth called it. Katie and Cami our "cool" helpers gave all the girls make overs as they arrived. From hair extensions to nails they got the worls. The also helped decorate purses, amke flower frames, and dine with a fabulous tea party. I was SHOCKED at the way these little girls put away the croissants!!! Although the cheetos did go pretty quick to. But they did need fuel for energy with all the dancing. The girls also got to make their own bracelets with Mandie, which were a hit, and then star in their own personal photo shoot. I think they all had a good time. I am happy to know that the season of birthday parties for this family is at a rest for a season or two.Elizabeth will really turn six on the 18th. She asked me to tell her on the day she really becomes six, because she's afraid she won't remember.

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Ally said...

Hey Jess,
just wanted to say how much i miss you guys and tell Elizabeth hi and happy birthday and that i cant believe it because i remember holding her and giving her bottles when you used to come dowm here with her. I love you guys so much
miss ya
ally (munchin) mehner