Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Day

Okay so we did it we survived yet another ill day in our house. Question is will I survive the night. It seems we have passed around everything imaginable in this family this last month. Unexplainable fevers, respiratory issues, unstoppable coughs, and now the stomach flu. I am not sure when yesterday became today as they just sort of ran into eachother. Eric seemed to finally be feeling better yesterday, so I did my best to keep him and Ethan away from eachother. Ethan threw up from last night until just before bed tonight. These poor boys!!! Andrew is exhausted as he's been helping out a ton while he's been home. I have a terrible inner ear and sinus infection and am popping plenty of pills myself.KNock on wood Elizabeth has conquered her cough, and hasn't caught the fever or stomach bug. Hopefully being gone most of the day will spare her. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when Andrew left for work the middle of last night. But hey we made it.I've got Ethan here in bed beside me, four fresh "lovey" blankets for back up on the dryer. Hand sanitizer strtegically placed throught the house, fresh sheets on the beds, lysol wipes on the bathroom counters,bottles in the dishwasher, and motrin upstairs and downstairs.I'm going to win this game for sure!!


Jess B. said...

Jess, Yay a new post! Your kids are getting so big and are as cute as ever. Too bad we never get to see you guys now beyond a "wave" after school sometimes! Hope you all are feeling better soon!!! ;)

Hunt Family Ramblings said...

Hi jess, Hope the sickies are all over. I wish I could just be right next door and whip you up a famous fajita salad! Hope we'll see you sometime this summer!