Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School Dinner August 2011

The night before school starts I like to do something special for the kids for dinner. Just to help get them excited, and help calm any nerves. I like to have something they love for dinner. I found some of these really cute ideas online. Thank goodness for the internet. It was a busy day we had meet the teacher for Ethan, and he needed a haircut. The weekend was so busy we weren'table to get to it. I hope my kids realize one day that I do all these fun little things to show them how much I love them.

I even stole the cute centerpiece idea from online. These cute colorful notebooks were only .40 at Target. The kids were happy to each pick one out when we were done. Why are notebooks so exciting to get? I don't know, but I'm a sucker for a cute one myself.
I made the banner last year, when the kids started school. The Chalkboard was in the garage from Jamie and Prescela's wedding. And The subway art was a free printable I found online.

Ever seen a kid so excited about hand sanitizer? Only Ethan. We were at Bath and Body earlier in the week buying apple soap for their teachers. Ethan was begging to buy one of these little hand sanitizers. They had all kinds of back to school scents; pb&j, 2cool, juice box, etc. Ethan kept beggin to even buy one with his own money. But mean old mom just said no. Of course I figured they'd be a perfect little back to school goodie. He picked up this Halloween one with bones on it and said, " If you WOULD letme get one, THIS is what I would get." So he was so excited to find it at his seat!

I thought these apple drinks I found online were so cute. Just fruit punch crystal light, then a leaf on the straw, and a gummie worm over the edge of the glass.

Started dinner off with salad and fruit cups. Then yes I broke down, and they got puizza!

Elizabeth got frosted sprinkled donut hand sanitizer.

The best part of eating all your dinner is always desert. No I did not make cake pops. I will say it over and over , I do not do cakes like my sisters! I cheat by donuts, dip them in chocolate, and think how discusted Julie would be at my sloppy work.But hey these kids still look

happy to me!!

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