Wednesday, July 16, 2008





Thanks to Jenny and the Picky Palate, I caught wind about the strawberries two for a dollar at the farmers market. I must say a produce market out here has yet to compare with the ones I miss back in Cali!! But it was time to make more babyfood too so I ran with the kids and got two flats of strawberries for $4 each. YEAH. So I called Marie and she came over to hit up the freezer jam with me. Shout out to Candace for sure for lending the food processor. My first experience with one, and it's now #1 on my "need to have list". We cranked out 48 cups of strawberries and in just a couple of hours we had tons of jam. My family eats this stuff up.Dad's coming out in a couple of weeks and he loves it too. The funny thing was Elizabeth and her friend played animals the entire time, while Ethan and Cooper helped in the kitchen. Tons of fun!
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