Wednesday, July 16, 2008





Today was out turn to have cooking camp at our house.Elizabeth had seven of her friends over and we had a ton of fun. The girls helped make everything themselvesfrom scratch. I think mastering the can opener was most challenging. We started with picking some fresh basil and parsley from the garden for our spaghetti sauce and garlic butter. As soo as we got our sauce bubbling on the stove we got to whipping up the garlic butter. I helped each of them take a turn to chop with a real chopping knife. I think this was the highlight. They kept saying it was like a "real chef".Once the garlic bread was in the oven they each popped a handful of pasta into the boiling water to cook. Then they all helped clean up the mess. That's right they did do EVERYTHING. Their moms should all be proud they cleared up and wiped the table down very well. Then they all dished up their own plates, and had their own made garlic bread. I was amazed at what they could put away! Little girls, big appetites! Even Ethan got in on sampling the goods. It was a fun morning, mom's wiped. You can bet it will be pancakes for breakfast tonight.
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