Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

Okay so I tried hard but I couldn't let this one go unmentioned.since this is our family journal I had to share one of our higlights of Christmas. We were spoiled and got the 12 days of Christmas from two different anonymous sources.I didn't want either one to be disappointed to find out someone else was also doing it. But it was so much fun. The kids absolutely looked forward to each surprise. Ethan would open the front door by himself numerous times a day "present mommy?" and when he would actually catch one he'd be thrilled. One of the givers brougt them all in stacking boxes. The kids had fun watching the tower grow until it touched the ceiling from where we had set it. We got delicious goodies, fun games, and sweet gifts. If anyone knows the box giver, where are those cereal boxes from? One night we got milk chugs, and here are all three kids drinking from one together. It was too cute! Thank you guys sooo much we loved it all!!!!

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