Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I can't catch up

There was just way too much that happened in December that I can't catch up on my posts. So let me do a recap at my best.
Christmas Activities:
1.Twelve days of Christmas surprises left before Christmas.We all enjoyed it so much! Who was it!!!!It's driving me crazy.
2.Went to illuminaries on the lake at the riparian preserve. It was so pretty, and fun to be out at. Definately going again next year! Even though we were freezing.
3.Gingerbread house party at the park. Impromptu get together and lunch at the park one Sunday afternoon. I may be mocked by my friends for my love of childish activites, but their kids will remember me! So Hah.
4.Singing Christmas songs with the kids every night before bed. Ethan's new favorite Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and jingle bells.
5.Many nights cruising the christmas lights.
6. Our favorite this year, "Peppermiz" Our new family Elf from Auntie Jenna. He was
so much fun. The kids can't wait for him to return next year. Check it out at elfontheshelf.com
7.Hunting down everyones new ornament of the year.
8.Watching Christmas movies with the kids.

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